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Happy five!!

Happy 🖐, guys. You’re the best bunch of fitness buffs that we could ever ask for. Thank you for coming. Thank you for sharing your passions with us. Thank you for caring about health and wellness. Thank you for your consistency. Thank you for making us laugh. Thank you for being friends that became family. We love you. Cheers to many many more!!!

Steve’s Club Throwdown!!

Don’t forget! Join us tomorrow for the Steve’s Club Throwdown!

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Wondering where to attend the Throwdown this Saturday? @crossfitverve is open to the public and your donation will count as your drop in fee. So, get in, throw down, and move on knowing you supported a great group of kids.

Other gyms hosting the Throwdown this Saturday morning:








@perignemdenver (members only)

Call ahead to confirm times and enjoy your Throwdown.

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Steve’s Club Throwdown

Throwing down for @stevesclubdenver Saturday, September 15th!! Mark your calendar. Classes will run at 9&10am.

Bloody Sunday


Bloody Sunday

Thank you SOOOO much to everyone who came out for Sunday Bloody Sunday. We raised $230 for the families of firefighters who died fighting the recent wildfires. Our next Bloody Sunday will be August 26th. Make a note!! See you there!!

Essential Guide to Hydration

It’s important we drink water to sustain our lifestyle but how much is enough? How do you know if drink too much or too little. Here’s an easy to read essential guide to hydration. Enjoy!




It’s your LAST CHANCE to take advantage of our summer promotion and start your crossfit journey at a discounted rate!! Contact us TODAY!! Prices will go back to the normal rate for our September Elements cycle.

Friendly reminder that the 6pm and 7pm classes are cancelled tonight. We are sorry for the inconvenience!! Catch us at 4 or 5pm. Or we’ll see you on our normal schedule tomorrow evening!

Benefits of Sun Exposure

Now that it’s summer and the sun is blazin’ it’s important we realize the benefits sunlight can provide. In this article, OPEX dives into the benefits of getting sunlight regularly. And how it can improve your day to day life.

The Benefits Of Sun Exposure

Fixing The Butt Wink

Many times we see athletes squat with a “butt wink”. Here’s a great article on what it is, how to test whether you have it and what you can do to fix the issue.

Fixing The Squat Butt Wink


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