Clumsy much?

The definition of Clumsy is- “awkward in movement or in handling things”. Are you this person? You’re not being singled out. Majority of people have issues with balance and coordination. A lack of PROPRIOCEPTION can be holding you back from reaching your athletic potential. Do you have issues with a smooth, sure footed receiving position in your squat snatch and/or clean and jerk? Maybe it’s time you start training your feet! This article dives in what proprioception is and how to enhance your athletic abilities through training your feet.

Other activities that help improve proprioception:

Tumbling (forward/ reverse rolls on floor), Cartwheels, Handstands,Headstands, Crawling, Jumping, Climbing, Throwing and Catching balls. Look familiar? We like to implement these into your daily warm ups. There’s a reason we do this everyday.

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