CrossFit 720 Denver

CrossFit 720 of Denver is centrally located right off of N. Broadway in the heart of Denver. 

CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.


CrossFit delivers a program that is broad, general, and inclusive. Our workouts consist of varied combinations of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Mono-structural Metabolic Conditioning (Cardio). While our workouts may not be easy, they do produce real, measurable results. From children to adults, CrossFit is universally accessible for all fitness levels because of its scalability. By adjusting the load of a lift, length of a workout, or the intensity, everyone can CrossFit!


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Denver Daily Schedule

Denver Schedule:

M-F: 6am CrossFit
M-F: 7am CrossFit
M/W/F: 11am Corporate Class
M-F: 12pm CrossFit
M-F: 2-4pm Open Gym
T/TH: 4pm 720 Fit
M-F: 5pm CrossFit
M/W: 5pm 720 Barbell
M-F: 6pm CrossFit
M/W: 6pm 720 Barbell
M-TH: 7pm CrossFit
M/W: 7pm Elements
Sat: 8-9am Open Gym
Sat: 9am CrossFIt
Sat: 10am CrossFit
Sun: 10-12pm Open Gym

FootHills Daily Schedule

FootHills Schedule:
M/W/F - 5am crossfit
M-F - 6am crossfit
M-F - 9:30am crossfit
M-F - 12pm crossfit
M/W/TH - 2:30 teens
M/W/TH - 3:30 high school teams
M/W/TH - 4:30 Kids
M-F - 4:30 crossfit
M-F - 5:30 crossfit
Sat - 9am - barbell/lifting
Sat - 10am - crossfit
Sun - 9:30am - CrossFit/Sunday Funday

T/TH 10:30am OR M/W 5:30pm - elements

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CrossFit 720 Schedule

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