Meritage Group

CrossFit 720 – Meritage Group

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Warm-up (No Measure)

2 sets:

30ft shuttle run x 5

2-8 burpees

Meritage group

A. 3 rounds each in teams of 4 (relay style. Must tag partner when switching, cannot pass, All 4 people must complete 3 rounds each (12 rounds total) at there station before moving to next station):

1. 60ft bear crawl

2. 30ft skipping high knees + 4-8 air squats + 30ft skipping high knees

3. 30ft run + 3 burpees + 30ft run

B. 12min AMRAP:

10 Single arm KB/DB row

10sec Hollow hold

20 MTN climbers

20sec Bike or Ski erg