60-minute class including Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance, and more. Most classes will consist of one to two strength/gymnastics/accessory components with either an aerobic or anaerobic finisher. Prior CrossFit experience and/or completion of our New Member Series is required.


60-minute high intensity class focusing on primarily bodyweight/low-weight movements. The first part of class focuses on skill/core work followed by an aerobic workout. This class is offered 5 DAYS a WEEK and no prior CrossFit experience is required!
  • Unlimited Month-to-Month Conditioning - $99




60-minute class teaching proper technique of the snatch/clean and jerk along with related strength movements to improve both form and efficiency. Programming is sequential and in conjunction with core work, powerlifting, bodybuilding and accessory work each class. This class is suitable for beginner through advanced athletes.
  • 720 Strength is included in any of the memberships except for the Conditioning Membership

New Member Series

New Member Series classes are offered every Monday and Tuesday at 6:30pm. 

We require all new and experienced athletes to complete our New Member Series (NMS) before attending Performance, Strength Development, Gymnastics or Grunt work programs. You are welcome to sign up for Conditioning programs at any time – with or without completing the New Member Series.

Our New Member Series is included with all unlimited monthly memberships.  It is a series of two, one hour small group movement training classes that runs every Monday & Tuesday at 6:30pm, and must be taken in sequence. Once NMS is completed members have access to all our training programs!

With our Conditioning programs, new members can start training with us immediately!  Sign up for either our $135 New Member Series (one month unlimited) or our Conditioning Program for $99.





Our Gymnastics class is held every Wednesday at 5:30pm. In this class we are working on the skills for Pull-ups, Chest to Bars, Bar and Ring Muscle ups, Handstand Push-ups, Handstand Walking, Toes to Bar, and Rope Climbs. We will be breaking down one or two movements a class to improve the gymnastic skills so it reflects in the Performance classes and in everyday life.  

Grunt Work/Competitors Class

This class is held every Saturday from 7-8:30am and for athletes looking for more volume, intensity and movement efficiency. This class will comprise of sled and sandbag work along with strength and a higher skill Metcon. The class will finish with some core and accessory work. It is intended to get athletes ready for local or regional competitions. 

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