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60-minute class including Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance, and more. Most classes will consist of one to two strength/gymnastics/accessory components with either an aerobic or anaerobic finisher. Prior CrossFit experience and/or completion of our 720 Beginner Course (embed hyperlink to the beginner course) is required.
  • Unlimited Month to Month - $165
  • Unlimited 1 Year Contract - $135
  • Unlimited Service Rate - $145 (Service Rate includes: Military, Students, Teachers, Firefighters, Police & EMS)
  • 12 x Month - $135
  • 8 x Month - $115
  • 4 x Month - $60
  • Unlimited Couples - $300
  • 20 Day Punch Card - $300 (6 month expiration)


*$500 to break contract unless moving 30+ miles or surgery due to an injury

720 Fitness

60-minute high intensity class focusing on primarily bodyweight/low-weight movements. The first part of class focuses on skill/core work followed by an aerobic workout. This class is offered 5 DAYS a WEEK and no prior CrossFit experience is required!
  • Unlimited Month-to-Month Fit - $99



720 Strength

60-minute class teaching proper technique of the snatch/clean and jerk along with related strength movements to improve both form and efficiency. Programming is sequential and in conjunction with core work, powerlifting, bodybuilding and accessory work each class. This class is suitable for beginner through advanced athletes.
  • 720 Strength is included in any of the memberships except for the 720 Fitness Membership

720 Beginner Course

This course is required for new members who are interested in our Performance and Strength classes, but have little to no prior experience. This course will teach you to safely and correctly execute the essential movements of both CrossFit and Strength. 
In order to progress to the regularly programmed classes, you must prove to the coaches that you are capable of performing all movements correctly and – above all else – safely.
Beginner classes are offered every month as follows:
  • 6 sessions (over 2 week period), and 
  • 2 weeks of unlimited CrossFit/Performance classes.

Class times are 7:00 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

  • Upcoming Start Dates: 4/1/2019 and 5/6/2019
  • Group Beginner Course - $150
  • Private Beginner Course - $250 (and scheduled based on client's availability)



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