The Fittest Games: Austin, TX

April and I had the opportunity to do an out of state CrossFit competition, The Fittest Games.  It was an opportunity to prove to ourselves what we were made of.  April was placed in the Pro division.  In order to be in the pro division, you had to be placed in the top 100 in your region of the CrossFit Open (she was 43rd).  Other athletes that were in the pro, consisted of 21 regional athletes and 6 games athletes.  I had the opportunity to do the amateur division, which consisted of 70 athletes including our very good friend Emily.

In the prior weeks to the competition, April was very hesitant because she was going up against top athletes.  Her expectations were very minimum.  She doesn’t know it yet, but she is a phenomenal CrossFit athlete.  When she showed up to the competition, no one knew who she was.  Day 1, Workouts consisted of triple unders, burpee jump overs, handstand walks, pistols, muscle ups….you name it, it was done.  …..”who’s that girl” was the question of the day, By the end, everyone knew who she was, she was sitting in 7th place.

I on the other hand, underestimated the talent in the “amateur” division.  I went into it thinking, I got this in the bag.  I was wrong.  there were many great athletes that I was up against.  After the first workout, I was sitting at 25th place.  I had to work my way back up because I wasn’t really comfortable sitting that low.  After 2 more workouts, I got back up to 8th place for the day.

Adversity…..definite understatement for Austin on that first day of competing.  25-30 degree weather, and all the workouts were outside.  Mother nature decided to dump snow and ice in Austin.  The whole city shut down, it was an apocalypse (lol).  We could never get warmed up enough for any of our workouts.  Yes we were from Colorado, but no we are not used to this.  That was a popular statement made to us Coloradans all weekend.

Day 2, after a long day of waiting, we were told there was one last workout.  The catch, the top ten for all divisions would make it, the slate was wiped clean.  At that point, everyone was on equal playing field.  It was our chance to take first.  April was sitting at 2nd and I was sitting in 4th.  For both divisions, there was a compilation of workouts, each workout eliminated 1-2 athletes.  Until you were left with 6.  It was a continuation of workouts, it was brutal.  April made it to the last workout, which was Isabel (30 power snatches) and I made it to the last,  mini Fran (15-12-9 of suck).  April finished 3rd with a close number of reps in finishing 2nd.  I came in 4th…almost had 3rd.

It was a great experience for April and I.  We are ready for what’s ahead of us.  Bring on the Open!!